Georgian Antique Bureau

Before Restoration Image
This Georgian antique bureau had a damaged base when it came to us. The finish was faded and the whole timber very dry.

After restoration image
The base had been reconstructed and strengthen; the surface cleaned and repolished. We also gave it a layer of dark wax to protect the timber from drying out again. We left the brass handles unpolished to preserve the old look of the bureau.

Napolen III Period Ebonized Boulle Marquetry Cabinet

Before restoration image
This Napolen III period Ebonized Boulle marquetry cabinet was in a bad shape. Many of the brass line inlays was loose and some of them went missing. The door was loose, some of its floral decoration missing as well. Both the interior and exterior of the cabinet was very dirty. All brass mountings were badly tarnished.

After restoration image
This picture shows the cabinet after the restoration was completed. We cleaned the interior and the outside of the cabinet. All missing brass line works had been replaced. The missing decoration on the door was replaced and the new pieces engraved. The ebonised base had been built up again and the entire more...

surface of the cabinet had been polished. All brass mountings had been cleaned, polished and protected with varnish to prevent tarnishing before we replaced them on the carcass. The cabinet had a marble top which did not come into our workshop as it was undamaged.

Austrian Oak library Panels Carved in the Renaissance Style

Before restoration image
This photo shows one of a magnificent pair of Austrian oak library panels carved in the Renaissance style, in its original condition. The panels were constructed without using any glue; the makers used wooden dowels and hand forged nails in the crown. This panel was missing many pieces from its geometrical pattern that was covering the background. Two brass rings were also missing. Part of the crown was lost. The timber was extremely dry and very dirty and dusty.

During restoration image 1
This photo had been taken after the cleaning. The middle section of the panel had been removed to make place for a bevelled mirror. The original shallow shelves had limited use and taken up much space that made the placement of the panels very difficult. With the mirror in the middle this problem had been solved and the piece became usable once again. The blue masking tape holds the loose pieces in position and the number 1 on the white tape shows this is the first panel of the pair.

During the restoration image 2
Panel number 1 received a layer of shellac and it made a lot of difference to the colour of the oak. The crown had been glued back and the missing parts replaced (upper left of the crown). All the loose geometrical pieces were glued back in position and the missing ones replaced. Note all the much lighter timber pieces!

After restoration image
This picture shows the restored number 1 panel. Every new addition had been carefully stained to match the original aged look. The missing brass ring had been replaced. The new wide bevelled mirror that replaced the shallow shelving adds elegance and purpose to the panel. The beautiful renaissance style carving creates a stunning effect. Together with the other panel they will add real wow factor to the room!

French Boulle Marquetry Card Table with Red Tortoiseshell and Brass Inlays

Before restoration image
The top was in danger of losing most of its pieces as the rabbit skin glue became porous and lost its adhesive quality. All brass inlays were tarnished together with all the mountings. Many pieces were lost from both brass and tortoiseshell decorations.

Before restoration image – top view
This view shows the top where most of the brass inlays were lifting.

After restoration image
All the lifting brass and tortoiseshell had been glued back. Every missing piece had been replaced and the brass pieces had been engraved. The ebonised base had been refreshed and the entire surface had been polished. All brass mounting had been cleaned, polished and protected with varnish.

After restoration image – top view
All the colours came to life. It seems there is more brass than before, but this is just our eyes are deceiving us. Previously it looked like the top had more red decorations than brass. After the restoration it’s the opposite.

Old Veneered Art Deco Chest of Drawers

Before restoration image
This image shows and old veneered Art Deco chest of drawers. One of the draws went missing and most of the veneer was lifting off. Structurally it was sound, but it needed attention on all other front. Its original handles disappeared.

After restoration image
This is the same chest of drawers but it’s hard to believe! It has changed so much one can hardly recognise it. The client wanted the entire chest silver gilt.
She has provided the new handles and I must say the new chest looked very elegant. With all these many drawers it’s a very useful bedroom furniture!

Antique Furniture Refurbishing by Europe-Trained Conservators with Integrity

Discover furniture refurbishing by two artists with 80 years of combined experience in the Sydney suburb of Ryde since 1990. We will handle your collector’s piece or heirloom expertly and advise you on its future care. Feel free to give us a call.

How Much Do You Know about Vintage Furniture Repair?

Skilled artists who know what they’re doing should undertake antique furniture restoration. If not, your valued object may be damaged. Like us, restorers such as furniture makers and metalsmiths are often trained craftspeople.

  • Restoration is not the same as repair. Restoration is an art form, and its chief goal is to return the piece to its original functionality and exterior manifestation, whereas repair may only restore functionality. If one keeps in mind that retaining the previous patina should be a focus as far as possible, we may strip finishes on furniture and reapply. Doing so without causing damage requires knowledge and competency. “Patina” refers to the lustre that comes from polishing, wear, age, or exposure. 
  • Various collectors regard patina as extremely important and require the reconditioned article to reveal its age. An untrained person may “over restore” a vintage piece and destroy its value. A trained restorer experiences correcting a bad repair as a trying state of affairs, which provides an added reason to have your old furniture restoration done by a capable professional who will ensure that they retain or enhance the item’s value
  • Proper restoration and repair require various skills, especially if the item includes several materials such as leather, inlays, glass, and wood. Conversely, one may only need to remove grime and lightly polish a piece without completely rebuilding it or replacing certain elements. 

We offer quality, sympathetic antique furniture repair, and will also restore your statues, murals, decorative stencil work, pewter, and gilding.

Solutions for Restore Vintage Furniture

You may not realise that you can have the damaged heirloom or antique in your home renewed or mended in Sydney.

  • We restore Chinoiserie, Chinese and Japanese lacquer, terracotta, Boulle furniture, porcelain, bronze, and china. 
  • Boulle is a kind of marquetry whereby the artist applies veneer fragments to furniture, small decorative objects, or detached pictographic panels with a smooth surface to make ornamental designs or patterns. The term could also refer to inlay, where a solid piece of material is removed and replaced with another substance such as tortoiseshell set in pewter or brass to form an exterior design. 
  • Chinoiserie is the term used by Europeans regarding Chinese and East Asian ornamental customs in the mid- to late 17th Century. The flamboyant decorations were applied to porcelain, screens, frames, furniture, and paintings. Various substances were used to adorn furnishings. The art-form experienced a revival in the United States and Europe from the mid-19th Century through the 1920s and can still be seen in exclusive fashion and interior design today.
  • Wood becomes dry, dusty, and dirty. We clean it, replace lost sections, and solidify the structure. Shellacking brings out the colour of the wood again, and new pieces are cautiously stained to attain the same tone as the genuine article. Veneer and tortoiseshell or brass inlays may lift off or get lost. These pieces are re-glued or replenished and protected with varnish.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Inhof Restoration & Design

We provide a written cost estimate and the description of all restoration processes before doing the work. We also take photographs before and during the procedures. We will keep you informed of the progress and of any findings that may affect the price. Work will continue once you have given your consent. Contact us for more information.

“Inhof Restoration were an absolute delight to work with. With their help my beautiful Gilt Victorian Console Table which was left to me by my parents is back to it’s original beauty. Thanks Attila and Cecilia”