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We -Attila and Cecilia- are both European trained conservators and have 80 years of combined experience between us in restoring various antiques.

What you can expect when you bring your valuable antiques to us:

We treat each piece professional with utmost respect whether it’s an important masterpiece or just a simple family heirloom. We restore the item sympathetically, taking into consideration, it’s age, intrinsic, sentimental and historical value. We use traditional methods and materials first whenever possible and keep the item’s integrity. We provide written quote upfront of the cost of the restoration. Each item is photographed before any intervention and during the restoration process. We advise our clients of new findings during restoration and consult of the procedures will vary from the initial quote. Our clients have final say in any step we take to the finished restoration of their item.

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Antique Collectors Should Call Us for Help with Restoration in Sydney

Any object is subject to wear and tear over time—one of the core reasons why every antique collector in the Sydney area needs someone they can trust with restoration in Sydney. At Inhof Restoration & Design, we have the skill and experience to bring your antiques back to the level of beauty and great condition they deserve.

The Importance of Antique Conservation

Finding an antique that is in flawless condition is a rare occurrence. On a long enough timeline, just about everything will suffer some damage or degradation. UV damage, dents, scratches, scrapes, or other marks; damage to the paint or finish; water stains or damage; burns; tarnishing. These are just a few of the types of damage that can befall an antique over time. Professional antique restoration is important for many reasons, including:

  • Restoring the antique to its original condition. Antique pieces are often examples of masterful design and utmost craftsmanship. Even substantial damage to these pieces doesn’t always mean they are ruined. On the contrary, a well-made antique can very often be brought back to its original condition by a restorer who knows what they are doing.
  • Proper restoration can increase or maintain an antique’s value. Some antique collectors buy undervalued pieces due to years of neglect, restore them to make them desirable once more and then sell those pieces for a profit. Working with an antique conservation and restoration professional is the best way to execute this type of business profitably.
  • Working with a restoration professional avoids further damaging the antique. Antique restoration is both an artistic process and a chemical process. Restorers need to intimately know the materials and techniques used in the original piece, while also conducting restorations that can be reversed if required. This delicate process is something that should always be left to the professionals. DIY attempts run the risk of damaging your antique or decreasing its value.

What Sets Inhof Restoration & Design Apart Regarding Antique Restoration in Sydney

What makes Inhof Restoration & Design the right people to call when you need restoration in Sydney? Here are a few of the top factors that make us a go-to partner for this kind of work:

  • Our experience: Our two conservators, Attila, and Cecilia, have both been trained on this unique art in Europe—a global epicentre of antiques and antique collecting—and have more than 80 years of training between the two of them.
  • Our versatility. Often, when people think of antique restoration, they think of it as being synonymous with furniture restoration and repair. In truth, vintage furniture is just one category of antique—and one classification of what we do. We also offer statue restoration, mirror, clock,  terracotta, marble, alabaster and even war memorial restoration.
  • Our documentation. We provide museum-quality restoration and do everything by the book, no matter the client. That means thorough documentation of our renovations from start to finish, including price quotes and specific details about our step-by-step restoration process.

Why Inhof Restoration & Design Is Cost-Effective

Whether you are in the market for lacquer restoration or porcelain restoration, look no further than us for a thorough, professional-grade, sympathetic service. A proper refurbishment can make all the difference to an antique, whether you’re seeking to expand its lifespan by another family generation or increase its value for an auction. Count on us to help either way. Get in touch today to get started.