Tang Dynasty Terracotta Horse

Before Restoration Image
This Tang Dynasty terracotta horse suffered serious damage during transportation from overseas. Luckily, we had all the broken pieces in the packaging box.

After restoration image
This is the same horse after the restoration. We have glued back all the legs, the ears and the decorations adorning the hose. Filled up the cracks and touched up the chalky paint. No visible signs of the damages remain.

French Ormolu Candelabras-part of a Clock Garniture

Before restoration image
This pair of French ormolu candelabras-part of a clock garniture has seen better days. They were dusty, tarnished and damaged. One of the pair had a fall and three arms had broken off together with the finial of the central column. The axis is bent out of shape.

After restoration image
This image shows the restored pair. We cleaned the metal and the porcelain pieces. Soldered back the arm and the finial and straightened the axis. Touched up the ormolu with 24 Karat gold dust where needed.

Neapolitan Boy with Mandolin

Before restoration image
This bronze statue titled “Neapolitan Boy with Mandolin” is the work of Alphonse “de” Tombay, Belgian sculptor. The base is signed and stamped with the foundry stamp.more...

The young boy came to us with a broken arm. The right arm has separated from the body. This was due to the pins wearing down that were used to attach the arms. The entire statue was dusty and dirty.

During restoration image 1
We removed the pin that held the arm in place and cleaned the surface of the bronze along the joint.

During the restoration image 2
This image shows the newly re-attached arm and the pin inserted back into its positon.

After restoration image
This is the restored statue. The body and the base had been cleaned, the newly restored area re-patinated to blend in with the original finish. The statue got a layer of colourless wax for protection.

Indonesian Gilt and Lacquered Garuda Head

Before restoration image
This is the broken remains of an Indonesian gilt and lacquered Garuda head. Nearly all part of the puzzle pieces was available.

After restoration image
This photo shows the restored head. We have reconstructed the head from the broken parts. Replaced 3 smaller pieces that went missing somewhere. Re-gilt the new pieces with 24 Karat gold leaf and blended in the new gilding with the original finish. We have left the slightly dusty appearance of the original look unchanged.

Pair of French Pewter Cavalier Statues

Before restoration image 1
We have got a pair of French pewter Cavalier statues for restoration. This image shows one of them. This one had a broken right arm, a broken left hand and the missing sword. The surface was pitted in areas and generally dirty. The black lacquered base was worn in places.

Before restoration image 2
This is the second Cavalier of the pair. It had a canon on the timber base. The pitting was more serious on the surface of this statue than on the previous one. This solder lost its sword as well and the trumpet he’s holding on his left hand was broken and was missing. The lacquered timber base was damaged, worn and dirty.

After restoration image
These are the two Cavaliers restored. Both statues had been cleaned and the pitting removed. The broken arms were soldered back. The missing swords were modelled and added together with the missing part of the trumpet. We have added colourful patina to highlight certain areas of the statues: body armour, the swords and trumpet. Both bases had been re-lacquered and the statues re-attached. They both were given colourless waxing to protect against corrosion.

“Inhof Restoration were an absolute delight to work with. With their help my beautiful Gilt Victorian Console Table which was left to me by my parents is back to it’s original beauty. Thanks Attila and Cecilia”