Waverly Park Soldier’s Memorial

Before Restoration Image
This photo shows the Waverly Park Soldier’s Memorial before the renovation. Many names have been faded and the stone and marble base were dirty. The surrounding garden has been overgrown.

During restoration image
This closeup photo was taken during the regilding of the names. The bottom of the second raw from the right, the middle column on the right and the second column from the left still haven’t been done.

After restoration image 1
The finished side with all the names gilded.

After restoration image 2
The Memorial after the gilding.

The second, smaller memorial

Before restoration image
The second, smaller memorial before the gilding. The surrounding tent has been erected to shield the working site from the elements especially the wind, that can blow dirt particles into the gold size.

After restoration image
The second smaller memorial after the gilding of the letters had been completed.

Winged Victory War Memorial

Before restoration image
The so-called Winged Victory War memorial in Marrickville. This closeup shows the marble plaque before the restoration.

During restoration image
This image was taken after we finished the gilding of the lettering. All the engraved pattern and the letters are clearly visible.

After the restoration image
This image shows the renovated Winged Victory War memorial. It’s located at the Marrickville Road and Petersham Road intersection in Marrickville, Sydney.

Preserve History and Honour the Brave with War Memorial Restoration

War memorial restoration plays a vital role in honouring those that have given their lives in the fight for freedom and good. Our war memorials are the best way of remembering those who have lost their lives in global conflicts—and, by extension, for remembering what they were fighting for in the first place. At Inhof Restoration & Design, we are proud that our restoration skills extend past antiques to include war memorials and other heritage structures.

History of Our War Memorial Restoration at Inhof Restoration & Design

Over the years, we have had the honour of restoring numerous high-profile war memorials in Australia, including:

  • Waverley Park Soldiers’ Memorial. This sandstone memorial was erected after World War I to commemorate the soldiers from the area of Waverley in Sydney, who served in that war. Later, an additional plaque was installed as part of the memorial, to honour those who fought in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Our restoration project involved cleaning some of the stone and regilding the names, which had faded.
  • Winged Victory War Memorial. Another WWI memorial, this one honours the 450-plus soldiers from Marrickville who lost their lives during the historic conflict. The monument has had numerous structural and non-structural issues over time and has required restoration on multiple occasions. During the most recent restoration project, we assisted by restoring the heavily faded marble plaque with newly regilded lettering.

In addition to these significant projects, we can help families restore smaller and more private war memorials or gravestones.

Other Services We Provide Related to War Memorial Restoration

Our restoration team is skilled in many areas of conservation, including:

  • Heritage restoration. Historic homes, libraries, college buildings and other heritage buildings pose many of the same challenges as memorial restoration. Our skills with gilding, cabinetry, lacquer, and other types of refurbishment make us an ideal partner for any heritage building restoration.
  • Furniture restoration. We regularly work with customers to revive their antique furniture pieces. From minor imperfections and wear and tear to major structural damage, we can correct many of the issues that tend to befall antique furniture pieces over time. Our goal is to restore these pieces to their original condition while still preserving their character and appeal.
  • Clock restoration. Grandfather clocks and other antique clocks are often passed down from generation to generation as prized family heirlooms. We can take old clocks apart, clean and restore individual pieces of the cases and can recommend a qualified clock restorer for the movement. 

About Inhof Restoration & Design

Our business has been operating since 1990, offering restoration work on everything from statues to artwork and beyond. Our two owners have a combined total of 80 years of restoration and conservation training and come from prestigious European training backgrounds. Whether you need help conserving the history of a war memorial, saving the beauty of a heritage building or saving a gorgeous piece of antique furniture from the rubbish pile, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services for war memorial restoration, heritage building restoration, furniture restoration or whatever you may need.

“Inhof Restoration were an absolute delight to work with. With their help my beautiful Gilt Victorian Console Table which was left to me by my parents is back to it’s original beauty. Thanks Attila and Cecilia”