Renaissance Tripod Table with Pietra Dura Top

Before Restoration Image
Parcel gilt finish depicting three entwined dolphin figures. Damage to gesso, gilding has been overpainted with gold paint. One dolphin carving is broken behind the neck. Damages to the base. All three bun feet were missing.

During restoration image
The gold paint had been stripped back to reveal the original water- gilding and oil- gilding in very good condition. The red colour is the colour of the original bole that is showing though the gold. Three bun feet had been turned and gesso-ed with the triangular base and smaller missing parts. Water and oil-gilding completed using 24 karat gold.

After restoration image
The gilding is restored, the white areas repainted and the entire base gently aged. The table is assembled with its Pietra Dura top.

Gilt Convex Mirror with Eagle circa 1830

Before restoration image
The entire mirror had been overpainted with gold paint that tarnished with time. The eagle’s head broken off and its body is damaged. A couple of the larger pieces are still available. There were hidden repairs underneath the paint.

During restoration image 1
The surface had been chemically cleaned and the original gilding is visible. All parts structurally strengthened, and gesso was applied to the restored areas.

During restoration image 2
All the balls had been repaired, red bole and brown bole applied, water-gilding completed on 4 balls. The mirror- like finish is the result of burnishing the gold leaves with agate.

After restoration image
This shows the completed convex mirror frame. The eagle has been restored, gilt and aged. All balls are water-gilt and replaced inside the frame. All new restoration was blended in with the original finish to form and aesthetically pleasing whole.

Gilt Victorian Console Table

Before restoration image 1
This image shows the damage on the front of the console table. The entire central motive had been broken off and some of the supporting floral festoons broken to pieces. The lower cross section was also damaged.

Before restoration image 2
This shows all the available pieces. It was a real detective work to find the place of each fragments.

During the restoration image
The centre shell is now reconstructed. The floral festoons had been repaired. The larger white areas represent pieces that were lost or too badly damaged. The lower cross section has also been put together and gesso-ed.

After restoration image
The completed, fully restored console. All newly gilt areas had been aged to blend in with the original finish. We have preserved its aged look.

Masters of Restoration and Gilding in Sydney

Who would have thought that there would be a company that focuses on the ancient art of Gilding in Sydney? As it turns out, there is, and an award-winning company at that.

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With over 80 years’ worth of experience behind us, there is little we cannot restore. We pride ourselves on using traditional methods to faithfully restore antiques to what they once were and what they were always intended to be.

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  • We keep meticulous photographic logs of everything during the entire restoration process. From beginning to end, each item is carefully photographed at every stage of the process. We take the utmost care in ensuring that we restore each item faithfully.

Related Services We Provide to Gilding in Sydney

We provide a wide selection of antique restoration services. We can restore nearly any antique piece back to its former glory, using varied traditional and modern techniques, depending on the piece and the application.

  • We are master restorers of antique furniture. Be it an old ornamental table or an ornate library panel; we know how to transform it into a thing of beauty once again.
  • Our work includes the restoration of mirrors and frames, the restoration of art objects such as statuettes, chandeliers, candelabras, porcelain restoration, and even the restoration of antique clocks, heritage buildings and war memorials.
  • In addition to our antique restoration services, we also offer custom-designed pieces that include furniture, frames, bookcases and much more. We can create antique-inspired pieces or completely new modern pieces.

About Inhof Restoration and Design

We are an award-winning restoration and design team with more than 80 years of combined experience between us. European trained in the classic traditional arts of antique restoration and design, there is no job too big or too small, to simple or too intricate for us to handle.

Many of our restorations have graced the pages of magazines and rooms in very prominent buildings.

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